Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diablo III Barbarian - WIP 6

Okay, so I think I’m satisfied with where the Barbarian is at this point, so it’s time to move on to really resolving and adding to the peripheral elements. I re-drew the imp and adjusted his lighting & values. I think this one is a lot more successful. I also added lava and a stream of hellspawn or whatever coming out of Mount Arreat. I may keep one and ditch the other. At any rate, it needs just a few more denizens populating the foreground to make it look like he’s really leaping into a horde.

My art materials that I shipped back home from the IMC just arrived today, so that means I can get back to work on my oil painting! Yeah, I think I should just go ahead and sell my TV, XBox, PS3…

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