Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Bullet work in progress #6

It took me a while to hit my stride today with this, but I made some great progress. Mostly concentrated on the background, blocking in some middle ground textures & shapes. I always have trouble somehow with connecting the background to the foreground, and too often I think I end up just adding a layer of fog or ground smoke. I'd like to avoid doing that with this one, although it is a dirty environment and there's going to be a lot of atmospheric dust.

I refined the man's pistol a little, but that's about it for him today. I really like what I did with that crane thing in the mid/background. And I started adding in my hunters. I like the lighting I added to the hatchet man, but I worry it's a bit much and maybe I want to keep these figures as mostly silhouettes. At any rate, this is really coming together.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Final Bullet part 5

I wasn't quite happy with the shape of his gun, so I altered it a bit and extended it out. I still need to give it the small details bu I'll come back to it later. I resolved some of the lighting in his left pant leg, but it's by no means finished. I also modeled his right forearm further and carved some more realistic cast shadows in front of him.

The boots were problematic because I didn't know what kind of shoes I wanted him to wear. I wanted to give him military-style boots but took care to avoid making them look too much like shoes I usually draw, which are usually of the generic utility boot variety. I'll need to go in and change his ankle wrappings; at this point they look too "neat." I want to make them a bit more tattered and blasted. His shoes too; they need some grime. He needs to look like he's been through hell.

I'm really happy with where this is going. At this point I only have two layers; the background and the man. I love just painting over my mistakes; it makes the art more interesting.

BPMI Figure Drawing

I tried some color with this one; warm shades of flesh tone for the light areas and cool shades of violet for the skin shadows. Mixed it up with some greens, etc in the midtones. Not much else to say about this one, except I wish I had more time to refine both of her feet a bit more.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Bullet part 4

More progress on the digital painting this week. I worked out the folds and lighting on his shirt and right pant leg, and refined his face, which is by no means finished. His left hand (your right) is holding the bullet, and I had my co-worker Liz take a look at this to see if it made sense. She informed me that the bullet may be a bit hard to see (she thought it was some kind of detonator, mostly from the way he was holding it), and that I might want to change the pose of the hand so that he's holding the bullet with his fingertips. This would bring the bullet out of the shadow of his hand and give it more focus. I was a bit dismayed by this, as I was very happy with the lighting and pose of the left hand but at the same time I know she's right.

So I may paint a new version of his left hand (on a new layer of course) and see if that works. This is, I have found, where a good artist can really shine. It comes back to having the will to destroy your work and remake it into something better. And it's not like I'm on a deadline for this, so I'll give it a try.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Final Bullet part 3

After finishing up some freelance obligations, I made some more progress on my painting today. I like how the tactical vest is coming out, with all the pouches. I had to consult some photo references of soldiers- Marines, SAS and the like. I added some refinement to his face. This is a tricky painting because he's mostly in shadow, which requires pulling off very subtle changes in value. I'll have to make sure I rough him up a bit and not make him look too clean, because he's been chased and shot at for some time now.