Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Bullet work in progress #6

It took me a while to hit my stride today with this, but I made some great progress. Mostly concentrated on the background, blocking in some middle ground textures & shapes. I always have trouble somehow with connecting the background to the foreground, and too often I think I end up just adding a layer of fog or ground smoke. I'd like to avoid doing that with this one, although it is a dirty environment and there's going to be a lot of atmospheric dust.

I refined the man's pistol a little, but that's about it for him today. I really like what I did with that crane thing in the mid/background. And I started adding in my hunters. I like the lighting I added to the hatchet man, but I worry it's a bit much and maybe I want to keep these figures as mostly silhouettes. At any rate, this is really coming together.

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