Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Bullet - Finished!

After a few more days of tweaking and adding detail, I'm calling this one finished. First, I decided I didn't like the direct lighting on the dreadlocked figure in the background. His definition just made him look too much like a foreground figure. So I restricted my background hunters to silhouettes with rim lighting. They look much more sinister that way.

I adjusted the cloth wrappings around his ankles based on some photoreference sources. I added detail to the vertical pipe. I like that smaller pipe that snakes around; it adds interest. I also added a layer of grime to the main character and refined his hair and facial blending.

Then came the ground itself. Man, I need some training and tutelage on how to draw ground junk. I spent most of today working that up, with lots of false starts. Nothing looked right to me. Junk, rubble, clutter, detritus, I've always had a problem with that. Maybe I'm sweating it too much, because it's not the focal point, but I'd like to get better at that area of painting and concept art. I think I just need to practice painting from real scenery or just go to a junkyard and take a whole bunch of photoreference. Overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out, though. I think this is one of my best paintings yet.

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Teresa said...

Great work, but how 'bout drawin' a Beagle for me before she dies?