Monday, October 10, 2011

Fight the Giant, WIP #5

I suck at backgrounds, or at least doing them quickly. I seriously think I need to just sit outside for multiple sessions and draw landscapes. It's the middle ground I have problems with. I just sometimes have trouble connecting it to the fore/background. On some occasions I just fog it in with atmospherics or smoke, but I can't always do that.

The composition felt cramped so I opened it up a bit by increasing the width. This also allowed me to shuffle the characters around somewhat. After playing with the horizon line (something that should be established from the beginning, duh) I introduced a more believable perspective. Now I need to fix the giant's left shin and foot because earlier it was obscured by the warrior and thus ignored.

I'm closing in on it! I think if I have sufficient downtime tomorrow I can finish this thing.

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