Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Machinimal concepts 1

I started a new collaborative character design project that I hope to complete to finished 3D model with Joel Lueck.  The plan is for me to come up with the character designs and concept art, model sheets, color/material studies and textures.  Joel will do most of the 3D modeling, materials, lighting, and if we decide to take it further, character rigging for animation.  If it gets that far (and I hope it does) I plan on helping with the environment design and extra scene modeling.

The idea is to create a biomechanical organism that may or may not be a weapon; haven't decided yet.  Not just a cyborg or robot shaped like an animal, but a living thing made of composite tissue, muscles, metal, cables, nano-fibers, stuff like that.  I'm taking some inspiration from the works of H.R. Giger, among other places.

This is just a silhouette sheet, to give me an idea of what the general shape of the creature will be.  So far I like the bottom-left two.  I like the idea of a creature that moves like a primate.  I've always found the image of a gorilla charging very intimidating and scary.  I thought of that, only much faster and sleeker.  We may or may not incorporate guns into the creature; perhaps the creature itself needs no firearms.  Blades, however, might be cool.

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