Sunday, June 7, 2009

Concept Art: Infiltrators

This started out as a quick speedpainting exercise but it's quickly turning into a worthwhile portfolio piece. I have 10 hours into it so far. The only thing I need to finish up is the structure in the background and maybe mess up the grass a bit to make it look not so much like it was painted with a scatter brush. I might noodle on the guy standing to the right a bit more, give him some more detail.

I like how concept art changes as you work on it. Originally it was just the one guy sitting on the ground, meditating on the mission before him, which is to quietly infiltrate this big, heavily-defended structure in the distance. Then I thought it needed more people, so I added two companions. All three people were going to be roughly the same: ninja-type intruders all with the same blade weapons, but as I worked I thought it would be neat if each person has his own specialty, i.e. the silent ninja type, the ballistic weapons/sniper expert to the left, and the tech/computer specialist to the right. Maybe their mission is to enter and grab data undetected. The tech guy is holding a device that could be a communicator, waiting for the go-ahead text message or something.

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